The Ideal Cosmetic Pallet for Natural Beauty

Clarins by Clarins Enchanted Colour Quartet & liner Palette --4.9g/0.17oz

The Ideal Cosmetic Pallet for Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty is something all women strive for in their life. Wanting the look that is flawless and beautiful with an enhance to their best features. Some of us have full lips that don’t need extra cosmetics to accentuate them as others have naturally beautiful eyes. 

To me, a beautiful and natural face is most desirable among the male population in general. Most men don’t like to kiss a face loaded with cosmetics, foundations, lipsticks, etc. They prefer to see a woman with a naturally beautiful face. But, a lot of women struggle these days with trying to cover up flaws and blemishes to acquire that natural look.

As far as eye make-up, shadows, concealers and all; accentuating the natural beauty that you do have is always more attractive. A little is always best when it comes to make-up. Choosing the right pallet for your eyes is based on two things. One, the color of your eyes and what colors complement them the most and Two, the most natural look you can get with those colors. 

Therefore, choosing a pallet that has the best colors for your look and add that accentuation you want whether it is for a day look or a night time sultry spark; you want to keep it as soft as you can to look more natural and entice the onlookers. 

Most young women have some feature that is their best and should always accentuate the positive. But applying so much make-up such as foundations, concealers, blushes, contours, eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, lip liners, lip sticks and glosses on top of that is in my opinion going over board and is no longer natural.

Always choose to use as minimal amount of make-up as you possibly can and achieve that natural look. All those layers of make-up does take a toll on your skin and causes premature aging over time. Staying closer to your natural beauty will help with keeping you younger looking longer.